On February 24, 2021 President Biden rescinded Presidential Proclamation 10014, which suspended issuance of immigrant visa for different categories of applicants. Presidential Proclamation 10052 remains in effect.

  • Immigrant visa applicants who have not yet been interviewed should wait for instructions from the NVC.
  • Immigrant visa applicants whose petitions remain valid and who were previously interviewed but refused visas due to PP 10014 should wait for instructions from the US embassy or consulate where they were interviewed. The DOS will reconsider cases that were previously refused because of PP 10014 and will inform applicants if additional information is needed.
  • Diversity visa 2021 applicants should wait to be notified of the scheduling of an interview.
  • Diversity visa 2020 applicants whose visas remain valid may enter the US immediately.
  • Diversity visa 2020 applicants whose visas have expired will not be issued replacement visas, but the applicants who received diversity visa 2020 as a result of orders in the court case Gomez v. Trump may travel to the US on an expired visa.
  • Diversity visa 2020 applicants were not issued visas before September 30, 2020 for any reason will not be reconsidered for visa issuance.
  • US embassies and consulates will resume their routine visa services on a post-by-post basis.