Every year, thousands of companies strive to enter the US market, which invariably attracts business with free capital and a wide audience. We will help the client to determine the necessary steps when starting a business in the US, as well as provide legal support for the business

  • Business in the US for IT companies
  • Formation and registration of companies in the US
  • Primary accounting, opening a bank account in the US, obtaining a US tax number
  • Hiring US personnel
  • Commercial contracts for business in the USA, corporate contracts for companies
  • USA software development contracts
  • Legal support for startups and IT companies in the US
  • Trademark protection in the US
  • Features of doing IT business in the US
  • Real estate in the US
  • Finding a ready-made business in the US

Immigration aspect

In order to open and register a company in the United States, no special immigration authorization is required. A non-resident has the right to own a company in the United States, but in order to conduct operational activities in the company, i.e. make decisions about day-to-day transactions (sign invoices, work in positions, enter into small contracts, pay bills, etc.), you must have an appropriate visa in the United States. Doing business in the United States without the required immigration authorization will be considered a violation of immigration law and may cause negative consequences for you in the future.

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